Virginian Watercolorist

September 2, 2010

Appliance Shop by W.A. Berkshire

This weekend I had a mini vacation in Virginia. God, is it beautiful down there! The people I stayed with were wicked nice, and the father of the household is a painter! I walked up the first flight of stairs and was greeted by a wall of paintings. They were hung in a salon installation style on the dining room wall.

The first thing that grabbed my attention about these paintings was the sense of light. Allen really gets right down to it when he works. He starts with a sketch that maps out where his lightest, darkest, and middle areas are. In my own work, I often struggle with that concept. I admire his ability to jot it down in pencil before even touching the color. It amazes me how just using light and dark he creates a sense of space and depth. When I look at his paintings all I can think is, “Wow! I want to be there.”

To see these watercolors visit W.A. Berkshire’s website.

House Under Construction I by W.A. Berkshire

Look. Listen. Respond.


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