Sagendorph Success

September 11, 2012

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing experience at the Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery at Keene State College. One of my professors invited me to a show that he was participating in, and the work was definitely unique. All the artists were telling similar stories, but in a different way. The energy in the room was buzzing. It was like a hive full of little worker bees. I wish photography had been allowed, but alas it was not. I was able to find a couple images via the artists’ websites (the images are copyrighted to the artists who produced them).

A Change in the Air, Ron McClure

More of Ron’s work can be seen at: Ron works with mixed media, mainly digital photography, digital painting, colored pencils, and glitter.

Julee Holcombe, Babel Revisted

More of Julee’s work: Julee’s photographs feel more like paintings.

Carol Gove, Passage

More of Carol’s work: Carol is also a mixed media artists, in more of a traditional sense. She uses collage and paint as opposed to digital media.

Seeing the work in person is such a different experience than seeing a few digital replicas on the screen. Any time I can go out and actually see work hanging on walls, get closer to it, inspect it, I take advantage of the opportunity. The work by these three artists in particular had a calm about it. The work sucked you into a moment in time, forced you to breathe the air in that world. It was a pleasing experience. Any time you have the chance to see an exhibit, I hope you run to it!

Look. Listen. Respond.


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