A Brush, a Lens, a Pair of Hands: Bridgewater’s Senior Exhibit

June 3, 2013

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Bridgewater College’s Senior Art Exhibition (Bridgewater, VA). I am always excited to see work that is done by other art lovers. Enjoying art is not just about going to museums and seeing the history of art. It is about going and seeing what is contemporary, what exists in our time, what we are going to leave behind. There were several exhibits that really caught my eye; they displayed not only a passion for the work, but a real talent for taking a concept and making it alive in a body of work. As always, the artwork speaks for itself.

This first piece is a collaboration between Victoria Call (http://www.behance.net/victoriacall) and Olivia Stone (http://www.oliviastonephotography.com/) titled Torn Apart. As if a collaborative piece was not challenge enough, they combined several mediums that are difficult on their own-  photography, graphite drawings, cloth, and text. Their message is one of redemption and faith, which you felt when you entered the space.

Next, is the photographer Amy Robb (http://www.arobbphotography.com/), who also tackled an installation piece titled Abandoned. Upon Entering Amy’s space, you feel the sense of solitude and pain that she has captured by combining portraits of unloved rooms and damaged ceramic pieces.

Miriam Beckwith is also an abandoned house lurker, creating beautiful mixed media pieces using window panes.

Kyle Banks is a painter and mixed media artist, who definitely had his own groove the day of the show.

Erin Fillers (https://www.facebook.com/erinfillers.blankcanvas?ref=hl) is a lover and painter of animals.

I hope you enjoy these artworks as much as I do!

Look. Listen. Respond.


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