Flowers for You: With Love, Me

January 22, 2014

With the cold weather setting in, I’m finding it important to focus on the (few) sunny days that we are given and focus on filling the house with fresh flowers. This collection of images contrasts the last set. It draws us inside; it reminds us of spring.

Some of these paintings are bold and full of color. They speak about the bright fulfilling patterns that flowers can bestow on us. Others are softer, reminding us of how precious life can be. They display the cycle of life from bud to full bloom, a display of how quickly time passes. The rest are the in-between- the pauses we take, the things we let go, our storms, our peace.

Because flowers are innately beautiful, it can be difficult to collect or create images of them. They hold such power; they can mean so much in a painting. We display flowers at weddings and funerals; we give and receive them as anniversary or get well gifts. They fill in the blanks for apologies or displays of affection.

Do you ever stop and look at them? Do you consider their power and meaning? The next time you’re at a museum and see a painting of flowers or you’re passing by the wild flowers that grow by fences, I hope you take the opportunity to consider them, to appreciate them for all they can add to your life. Until then, I hope this small collection has added to your life.

Look. Listen. Respond.


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