For the Love of the Sensual Nude

February 5, 2014

With Valentine’s Day approaching once again, I began sifting through numerous passionate nudes. For some, several of these images may be straddling the line of pornographic vs. erotic. These images are meant to show the aroused side of the subjects they depict. They show the visceral side of our humanity, the sensuality that fills us.

As humans, we are made up of all sorts of emotions, desires and passions; the lust or love for another is one of those. These are portraits of human desire. Maybe some repel us, while others spark a flame in our belly that we will never be rid of.

May the softness of the flesh shown remind you of beauty and passion as we approach the Day of Love. May these images be a reminder of how desirable your lover is. May they remind you how beautiful you can be alone. May art always be a reminder of how wonderful it is to be human.

Look. Listen. Respond.


Some links worth checking out:

Rebecca Guay, Francesco Tortorella, Zak Smith

One Response to “For the Love of the Sensual Nude”

  1. Whether art of pornography, they’re all very evocative – thanks for sharing

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