Spring Flowers Bring

April 3, 2016

Well, it’s the time of year when I get this thing rolling again. Only this year I am finally going to start including some of my own work and its progression. In the past I have avoided doing this for various reasons, but now I not only need motivation for writing but also for creating finished pieces.


Frida Kahlo

Lately I have been delving into reading about some of my favorite female artists- Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo, and Paula Rego. I have been reflecting on the path I want my own work to take. These women let their work consume them. It was not just something they did, it was a lifestyle. I am working on making my art a lifestyle again.


Louise Bourgeois



Paula Rego

I have been traveling a lot over the past year and half, so the number of larger pieces I have been able to complete has suffered. Mostly I have been working in sketchbooks, using watercolors and colored pencils. Now it is time to take all the experiences and experiments and turn them into something beautiful (or at least completed).

Today has been a big preparation day- putting a base coat of paint down on canvases and paper, selecting images and drawings to combine with memory, and avoiding distractions.

canvas prep

My goals for this year are to implement more collage and mixed media work into my process and to rely more on my inner voice and intuition (as opposed to just relying on the education I’ve had).

I would love to hear about your favorite mixed media artists and about your personal process. I can’t wait to share more of my work and love of art.

Look. Listen. Respond.



Powerful Pattern

October 14, 2013

I have always been drawn to pattern. It makes the eye dance across a plain. It creates a fantasy world, especially when used with portraiture. When a “character” is surrounded by pattern, they exist in a whole different concept of space. Patterns create a different rhythm, a winding path for our eyes to follow, a beautiful rabbit hole to tunnel us deeper into an image. Enjoy!

Look. Listen. Respond.


Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Bridgewater College’s Senior Art Exhibition (Bridgewater, VA). I am always excited to see work that is done by other art lovers. Enjoying art is not just about going to museums and seeing the history of art. It is about going and seeing what is contemporary, what exists in our time, what we are going to leave behind. There were several exhibits that really caught my eye; they displayed not only a passion for the work, but a real talent for taking a concept and making it alive in a body of work. As always, the artwork speaks for itself.

This first piece is a collaboration between Victoria Call (http://www.behance.net/victoriacall) and Olivia Stone (http://www.oliviastonephotography.com/) titled Torn Apart. As if a collaborative piece was not challenge enough, they combined several mediums that are difficult on their own-  photography, graphite drawings, cloth, and text. Their message is one of redemption and faith, which you felt when you entered the space.

Next, is the photographer Amy Robb (http://www.arobbphotography.com/), who also tackled an installation piece titled Abandoned. Upon Entering Amy’s space, you feel the sense of solitude and pain that she has captured by combining portraits of unloved rooms and damaged ceramic pieces.

Miriam Beckwith is also an abandoned house lurker, creating beautiful mixed media pieces using window panes.

Kyle Banks is a painter and mixed media artist, who definitely had his own groove the day of the show.

Erin Fillers (https://www.facebook.com/erinfillers.blankcanvas?ref=hl) is a lover and painter of animals.

I hope you enjoy these artworks as much as I do!

Look. Listen. Respond.


Sagendorph Success

September 11, 2012

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing experience at the Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery at Keene State College. One of my professors invited me to a show that he was participating in, and the work was definitely unique. All the artists were telling similar stories, but in a different way. The energy in the room was buzzing. It was like a hive full of little worker bees. I wish photography had been allowed, but alas it was not. I was able to find a couple images via the artists’ websites (the images are copyrighted to the artists who produced them).

A Change in the Air, Ron McClure

More of Ron’s work can be seen at: http://www.exhilarationimages.com/ Ron works with mixed media, mainly digital photography, digital painting, colored pencils, and glitter.

Julee Holcombe, Babel Revisted

More of Julee’s work: http://juleeholcombe.com/home.html Julee’s photographs feel more like paintings.

Carol Gove, Passage

More of Carol’s work: http://www.carolgove.com/index.html Carol is also a mixed media artists, in more of a traditional sense. She uses collage and paint as opposed to digital media.

Seeing the work in person is such a different experience than seeing a few digital replicas on the screen. Any time I can go out and actually see work hanging on walls, get closer to it, inspect it, I take advantage of the opportunity. The work by these three artists in particular had a calm about it. The work sucked you into a moment in time, forced you to breathe the air in that world. It was a pleasing experience. Any time you have the chance to see an exhibit, I hope you run to it!

Look. Listen. Respond.